Retro Makeup

What the Industry and Our Readers are Saying
What the Industry is Saying...
Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide Magazine
“Cat eyeliner and red lips are just a small piece of what you will learn from Lauren Rennells latest vintage beauty book Retro Makeup: Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look.”
Myself Magazine Blog
“The detailed instructions in words and pictures are easy to understand and with a little practice you can create the looks successfully. The beauty history is worth reading and the historical tools have made it on the editorial board of conversation.”
Vintage or Tacky
Named one of Cora's Faves
Vintage Life Magazine
“In her book 'Retro Makeup', Lauren Rennells recreates a range of lovely vintage looks.”

What our Readers are Saying...

Sarah Jones
San Diego, CA

“When you are wanting the Be-All End-All to Retro looks you will purchase this book, Retro Make-up and the sister, Vintage Hairstyling. Lauren Rennells is all knowledgeable when it comes to Retro looks, as she has been doing them for some time as a freelance, make-up and stylist for tv, film, and photos. As a hair dresser I am leery of hair and make-up how to's...because a lot have not been doing hair daily as long as I have, and don't explain the why's. It has been CLEAR to me that Lauren Rennells understands, and KNOWS without a doubt what she is talking about when she talk about high lighting and low lighting make up and where to put them.”

Veronica Martinez
Houston, TX

“I was excited to dons that the author who put out the Vintage Hairstyling book had also written one about vintage makeup techniques. This is a great book for the beginner as well as the seasoned makeup artist.”

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