This Atomic Era Haircut… Wear it Contemporary. Wear it Vintage.

Finding the right haircut that can style both contemporary and vintage can be a challenge.

I feel like I live in 2 worlds. I know I’m not alone here. There are days I want to have a contemporary look to my hair and other days when I go full-on wet-set, tease-it-out vintage with my hair.

So finding the right haircut that can live in these 2 worlds is a must for my life.

And that’s where we start the story of The International Convertible Cut by James Victor. I picked up this book on Etsy a while back. I was, of course, first attracted to it by the colorized pink haired model on the cover. This was published at the height of the pastel hair craze.

After I really dove into the pages that detail the haircut so well, I was hooked.


Benefits of this Versatile Haircut

The versatility of the Convertible Haircut is unmatched, effortlessly transforming into both vintage atomic era hairstyles and contemporary, short hairstyles with ease. The blend of classic charm and modern flair makes styling it a joy, allowing for expression of unique style in any era.

It is a great option for fine, medium or thick hair. And the cut grows out beautifully!

For the woman who likes to blend retro chic with contemporary style, this haircut is an absolute must-try!

I’ve made the book available as both a downloadable version here that you can easily show to your stylist on your phone. And, because I just love to have beautiful, vintage things in my life, I’ve made a print version available here that looks great on a vanity or coffee table.

Vintage Hairstyles Possible with this Haircut

It comes down to the length you have it cut and how tight you curl it, but there are a number of vintage hairstyles you can do with the Convertible Cut. Let’s start with Marilyn Monroe. This cut is perfect for her short, curly style from the early and mid-1950s.

And she isn’t the only inspiration for a 1950s hairstyle that can be created. The following images are alternative ideas to styling this haircut.

In my earlier blog post, Late Beatnik Cool (and their hairstyles) of the early 1960s, I shared pictures of a number of style-inspiring female celebrities taken around 1960, 1961, and 1962. The early 1960s doesn’t get enough credit, I think, for its influence over what would become the style of the mod-60s.

Pictured inside the 1961 book are also different ways to style the haircut as interpreted by the hairstylist. And they are all tons of fun.

Contemporary Hairstyle Ideas for the Convertible Cut

The contemporary or modern styling options for this haircut are varied as well. For the 2nd life you live, you want to have the freedom to, well, not style your hair vintage. This haircut will not disappoint that side of your personality.

This haircut… It worked for me

I sat in front of the chair for a change (as opposed to behind the chair) to get this haircut myself in the past. I wanted to try this haircut out in my own life. My hair is a very fine texture and I needed something to inspire my everyday style. It really did the trick and it grew out beautifully.

The length made it versatile. It was long enough to curl beautifully when I wanted it to. It looked great with just a little bend in it. And with a little product, I could just dry and go too.

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