Foam Rollers


Foam rollers, also known as sponge rollers, give you a beautiful, long-lasting, and heatless vintage curl. See more details below.

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Foam rollers are a great, heat free vintage curling option. Spritz your hair with a little water or setting spray before rolling and allow hair to dry completely or dry with a hooded hair dryer. We highly recommend Miss Curlette Hair Setting Potion with foam rollers.

Foam rollers are often used as a curler you can sleep in for very long lasting curls as well.

Our foam rollers are available in 4 sizes for all of your vintage curling needs. The yellow 7/8 inch roller and the green 1 inch roller are ideal for tight curls like 1920s curls. The pink 1 1/4 inch roller will give you beautiful 1940s style curls. The pink 1 1/2 inch roller will give you bigger curls.

We recommend 2 packages to curl an entire head of hair.

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