View of the back of Veronica Lake’s Famous Hairstyle

Most of us have seen the movie wardrobe test images of old movie stars standing with a little chalk board next to them naming the movie and such the costume is to appear in. I like those pictures, but I like even more…the test images of the back view of the hairstyles.

Images from the front can tell you a little bit, but seeing the back view tells you a lot more. From this image of Veronica Lake, you can tell that the hairstylist used a basic pin curl set that flowed from the part and down the back of the head. The curls were set low below the occipital bone in a very common set for the time period, which leaves the crown hair straight, so you can wear a hat without destroying your hair.

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  1. So, here’s the question I have. If you have long hair like Veronica, or if you just have a lot of hair, how can you set your hair below the occipital bone? I have a hard time doing that and I have a modified middy cut. I don’t know if it’s because I have too much hair to do it.

    1. I should clarify myself more. When I write below the occipital, I mean the first row of curls would sit directly on the lower half of the occipital bone where it starts to curve under. You can tell by where the first bend of the curl starts that the base of the curl was about right at that spot.

      That being said, Veronica Lake did have fine hair, which would make it easier to pin up such long locks.

  2. Can you explain how to imitate Veronica’s hairdo more specifically? Perhaps with pictures? Unfortunately I know virtually nothing about hair, so the occipital bone and regular way to set or find pin curls is a mystery to me! I do love her hair though; it’s so natural looking yet elegant. I would love to learn how to do this.

    Thank you so much!

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