Hats, Hairdo’s, Makeup – Vintage Fashion Dos and Dont’s for Head and Face

The Fashion Dos and Don’ts series from the 1940s produced this little 48 page booklet – Hats, Hairdo’s, Makeup.

Fashion Dos and Dont’s was written as a fashion and beauty advice series in the early 1940s and they produced several booklets. This one, which would obviously be my favorite, details how a woman of the early 1940s should wear her hats, accessories, hair, and makeup based on her face shape, coloring, age, and facial features. I picked up a copy online several months ago and fell in love with it.

The series also included Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Short Girl and for the Plump Girl. I have not seen any other versions of the booklet besides these 3. I’ve put some of the pages from the Hats, Hairdo’s, Makeup version here.


There is some tremendous vintage fashion, hair and makeup advice in the booklet. A lot of the information centers around techniques, silhouettes, and accessories that are the most flattering for face shape and facial features. There is also advice for accenting features and camouflaging imperfections. All around, it makes for great reference material for how to wear your vintage hats and what hairstyle silhouette might be best for you.


The illustrations do a great job of proving the points the author makes about how flattering different ideas are and how unflattering a poor choice is. They are also just beautiful. I have gotten so many hairstyle ideas from looking through the pages. This is in my permanent collection of reference tools when I am trying to decide on a vintage hairstyle for a client.

To purchase your own full copy of Hats, Hairdo’s and Makeup, either your paperback or download copy, visit VintageHairstyling.com’s book section!

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  1. Wow! The Do’s List of this vintage hairdo’s makeup are all amazing. I’m a fan of vintage style and this one really captured my heart. Hopefully this book is still available because I really want to get a copy of it. I am a beauty enthusiast as well and I’m excited to learn more of this written piece. Thanks for sharing.

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