International Convertible Cut (Published 1961)


The International Convertible Cut, originally published in 1961, details this versatile vintage haircut and styling options of this classic style. Read more details below.


The International Convertible Cut details the versatile haircut and styling options of this classic hairstyle. Originally published in 1961, this haircut is the foundation for many vintage hairstyles of the 1950s and 1960s. The cut also styles into modern hairstyles for your daily hairstyle needs.

To see some of the many styling options for this vintage haircut, visit the blog post titled “This Atomic Era Haircut… Wear it Contemporary. Wear it Vintage.”

This is an abridged republication of the original book. A download version of this book is available here.

Size – 7 in. x 10 in. – 40 pages

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