Pomade Review – Schmiere by Rumble 59

Pomades are, in my opinion, the most versatile category of hair product. Pomades, depending on their consistency, can act the same as many other products filling our medicine cabinets. A light weight whipped pomade is our anti-frizz serum or fixer of fly-aways. Medium pomades go a little extra distance to become our sculpting gel. The extra strong pomade becomes like glue to form your hair into just about any shape your brain can conjure.It can be a daunting task trying to figure out which one is right for your application, so I am working on a long line of reviews so you can hopefully make the best educated guess as to what it is you need.

Today is Schmiere by Rumble 59, a German brand that also designs clothing and sells other various Rockabilly products. You can purchase directly from them or you can bug your local shop into carrying the brand. I am putting their products on my list of great pomades. They are strong without being to greasy or heavy and there are a number of applications they can be used in.

Be sure to check them out at www.rockabilly-rules.com. Their hair grease is listed under Accessories.

The first up to bat is their lightest pomade called Pomade Weich. There is a boy bird on the package, but this is a perfect pomade for women’s hairstyles.

For one thing, it is pink and the texture is whipped and fluffy. The scent took me a little while to put my finger on, but I think it is apples. I started having flashbacks of this apple shampoo my grandma kept in the kids bathroom. I think there is actually a company trying to bring that apple shampoo back, but I digress.

The super light texture is just right for taming fly-aways without weighing down your curls, especially if you have fine or medium hair. Its light texture also avoids that greasy look you can get with heavier pomades.

Next on the list is their geared toward girls pomade. It is actually a middle weight pomade and they call it für Mädels.

The scent is floral and the pomade is a coral pink color. Like I mentioned, this is a middle weight pomade and would be better for medium to thick hair. It may be a bit too heavy for a fine haired girl who doesn’t want to look like she has pomade in her hair.

It’s a gooeyer texture, like vaseline. This is a great hair former. If you are looking for something to create some crisp victory rolls or slick girl pompadours, this is an awesome product.

This next one is also a middle weight pomade called Pomade Mittel. I’d like to emphasize that not all pomades that are packaged to appeal to men are good for only men. It is all in what you are trying to accomplish. This package looks like it should be for a boy, but let me tell you why you should consider it, especially if you are a blond.

The product inside is blue. Again you would think it should be for a boy, but I like this as a unisex product. It has a clean scent that I would not call masculine or feminine.

The consistency is similar to the für Mädels, so it is good for medium/thick hair and great for forming rolls and pomps. I would like blonds to consider this one because I myself used it on my hair when it was still blond to create a fauxhawk for a friend’s party and it added a tremendous amount of shine to the blond and kicked back the yellow in my hair some almost like a light toner. We should always consider the color pomade we are using on our hair and how it may actually work for or against us and our hair color.

We now move onto the hard core stuff. If you have a beau at home who is looking for a good heavy strength pomade, this will do it. It is called Pomade Hart.

The color is light and disappears when you apply. It almost needs no melting in your hands before applying to the hair because Schmiere did such a good job with the viscosity. It smells citrus, so it could be great for a girl too who needs something ultra hard.

The sticky factor is awesome. No hair is moving under this stuff. I tried to take a picture illustrating that the skin of my fingers is sticking together with the strength of this stuff, but that doesn’t mean it is like a gel. It works like gel does, but without that nasty stickiness gel leaves on your hands and in your combs.

Last, but certainly not least, is a special pomade for a very specific application. It is called Knüppelhart and boy does it pack a punch.

This stuff looks like shoe polish in the can. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who this best works for. It has got a lot of stick to it for hard hold.

The color is specifically for dark hair and adds a tremendous amount of shine when applied. The scent is very masculine and smells like men’s cologne, but a good one.

Like I mentioned before, these are high quality and if you think one of them is what you need, go for it.

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  1. Thank you for this, I’ve heard of pomade but haven’t a clue what it’s about! I have a random question, I hope you don’t mind. I’ve tried wax and gel and hairspray and now I use an extra strong hold hair putty containing fruit waxes but none of the above will tame my flyaways. I have long, thick, dark, wavy hair but have short hair around my ears that I can’t seem to blend into any up-style I do and are too short to pin. Would pomade be a better choice? Everything else I’ve tried just seems to harden the hair and if I’m really unlucky makes it stick out at a 90 degree angle!

  2. Fabulous reviews! I like that you took photos of the different pomades on your fingertips, it really helps show the different consistencies.

  3. Thanks for this, it’s really helpful. I absolutely love my pomade, when my friends ask me how my curls stay curly and frizz me, they’re always amazed when i tell them!

  4. I’ve never really considered using pomade! But, just the other day, I wondered if it’d be good for fly-aways, etc. I really need to experiment with my hair more. Haha. Anyway, this is awesome! Thanks so much for this. =] The tins are also really cute – I’m tempted to buy them all for decoration. ;]
    -Andi x

  5. I came across your ‘Bobby Pin Blog’ and I just want to say THANK YOU! I have been holding my inner pin-up captive for a long time, and although i’m just a tender age of 24 I have an old soul.

    I just mastered how to do successful pin curls 🙂

    I will be trying with pomade to see if it holds better.

    I’d love for you to write a post about how a girl can release her inner pin-up, where to be able to purchase things, but then again i suppose thats what the book is for?

    🙂 will be purchasing it soon! Muahz<3

  6. WOW what a great rundown. I actually purchase all kinds of pomades so that I can compare them honestly to layrite (which i sell). Fabulous!

  7. I’m new to the rockabilly hair styling scene. I’ve been a bit confused on how to use a pomade. My hair is EXTREMELY thick and wavy, and I know I need something to tame it. I’ve almost mastered victory rolls, but I think a pomade would immensely help their “lastability.” How would you suggest to apply the pomade? I know that’s kind of vague so, maybe I should ask, how should I use the pomade when styling victory rolls? Thank you!

  8. thanks so much for your reviews. i wanted to buy some of this brand and your review helped me as a fine haired gal to choose a better choice for me!

  9. Sounds like a super pomade! I’m very iffy on switching since I have used the same pomade for awhile, and you find one that works for ya, ya stick with it. I use Nu-Nile and if any ladies are lookin for a petroleum based pomade that isn’t harsh on yer hair then give Nu-Nile a try. Is schmiere water based?? Does it dry out like say….lay rite or suavecito? I hate that helmet head feeling with those lol

  10. Hello,

    where did you get these awesome Pomade in Singapore??

    I’ve just discovered pomade and started using it..it was awesome…no more wax for now.. 😉

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