I don’t think I did this Gibson Girl hairstyle quite right…but it was fun anyway.

…but it wasn’t bad for a first attempt.

I was hired to do hair and makeup for a romance novel cover in a style like a Gibson Girl. I, of course, was very excited to help create an image of a swooning woman half dressed with a Fabio character holding her in his arms. I was only slightly disappointed to learn when I got there that it was a teen romance book and there would be no swooning and no Fabio. There would be nothing deemed inappropriate for a 12 year old girl.

Oh Well…

So I am happy with the results and the client loved it, so that is what matters most. I still look at it and think it isn’t poofy enough on the sides to be a Gibson Girl. Keeping her from looking frumpy was on my list of priorities. That is one reason I kept fighting the side poofs.

The basic style was created by rolling her in hot rollers. I then parted off the front section of hair. The back was taken up and twisted into a messy, wavy bun. Then I teased the front for some height and brought the front pieces loosely back and attached them to the bun.

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  1. It’s very sweet – not quite Gibson Girl (even with all my hair I need a massive rat to make it be that puffy), but probably more historically accurate for the average woman in 1905!

    And I must complement them on their outfits, way more historical than you usually see on historical romances!

  2. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a romance novel junkie, but WOW! What a cool gig for you! You did a great job with it. 🙂

  3. It looks great, and I don’t know if it’s possible in real life to get that enormous Gibson girl pouf, and more than one can get a miniscule Gibson girl waist! Although fundamentalist Mormons do have rather gravity defying hair. I would love to find a tutorial about how they do their hairstyles, do you think they are allowed to use hairspray?

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