What makeup color should you have worn in the 1930s?

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Your recommended makeup color in the 1930s? Here’s a great chart!

It comes out of a vintage beauty school manual I have in my prized collection of vintage beauty books and magazines.

1930s_Book_Vintage_Makeup_Manual Beauty Culture cover

You can see from the title page that this book was first published in 1934.

This makeup chart in the book lays out what was commonly considered the way you should choose your makeup colors. Of course it is impossible to categorize the proper makeup for women so narrowly, but it is an interesting insight into how acceptable blue eyeshadow was! This chart offers different color opinions than other research I’ve done on the time period, but everything is an opinion isn’t it?


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  1. I quite like blue eyeshadow though it does tend to make me thing 80’s! A make up book? Hurrah, I truly cannot wait!

  2. I want to like blue eyeshadow, I really do. When I had completely black hair I did wear it but now my hair is red and black, it looks horrible!

    I look forward to your book 😀

  3. Hi, I am interested in vintage make up and clothes but I my skin tone is dark brown. So finding makeup charts that offer examples of what beauty products to use for my skin tone is hard. Do you have any idea of where I might find something that would help?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your comment. I agree that there is a lack of helpful information available for women with darker skin and after you commented, I was inspired to find the information you are looking for. I have started a series of posts with cosmetic color information that I hope you find helpful. Follow this link to see what I’ve written so far and stay tuned as I roll out more over the next few weeks! https://vintagehairstyling.com/tag/dark-skin-vintage-makeup-series

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