Jazz Age Parisienne Beauty Trends… 1931 Modern Beauty Shop magazine

Article from Paris, France, April 10, 1931

from Modern Beauty Shop

Chers amis:
        Le printemps has come to Paris and with it, glorious sunshine. Sunshine being rare in this fascinating city all the Parisiennes are now sporting new hats.        Somebody famous once said that Spring to a woman just meant going out to buy a new hat, but I find this year in Paris one must hie herself to a hairdresser for a new coiffure as well. The relation of hair to hat and hat to hair is very important over here since everybody is wearing plain little caps way back, in fact almost off the head, so that hair literally trims the chapeaux.

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1930s Vintage Hair magazine article

Most of the chic women are wearing very fine veils just over the hair that is showing. These are fastened under the hats, which means that coiffures can now create individual and intricate styles since the veil protects one’s curls besides adding that much sought-after halo de mystere.

        Coiffeurs just back from Cannes have told me about the latest style trend adopted by les elegantes. Resort styles are usually a forecast of the mode, and after snooping excitedly around Cannes for the last week their impressions confirm mine of Paris.

        Longer hair is shorter now and thinning has become a greater art than ever. The top layer of hair is untouched and the locks beneath carefully “massacred” so that the count our remains unspoiled. Always, however, the hair is left long enough to soften the neckline with curls of bouclettes.

        Although styles are more intricate now owing to the role they play in relation to the mode, coiffeurs here insist on chic simplicity and above all say that the head must look small.

1930s Vintage Hair magazine article

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        Many jolie femmes are parting their hair in the center, showing the ears slightly, and then sweeping the back in new arrangements off the neck. This is especially becoming to classic beauties wishing to accentuate their type to go with the period gowns of today.

1930s Vintage Hair magazine article

    For the evening women are wearing real jewel ornaments in their hair to accentuate and individualize certain lines of their coiffure. The ornament that I have sketched is very novel and can serve several purposes. The clips are detachable and can be used several ways alone…the chain can be fastened together and worn as a bracelet. The three pieces together can be used as a regal diadem, either on top or in back to outline the shape of the head.
        Monsieur Simon describes the famous European beauty contest held recently at Cannes as a bouquet de charm! All these beautiful demoiselles wore medium long hair except Miss France, who wore her’s frankly short.

        The jury, composed of artists, writers and so on from all the leading countries of Europe, chose Miss France as the most beautiful and gave her the title of Miss Europe. With such a winner one can say that the mode for 1931 will be definitely shorter.

1930s Vintage Hair magazine article

        I dashed up to Antoine’s knowing if there is anything new in Paris he is sure to be one of the first tp feature it. His cosmetic line is more important than ever and the smart containers are proof of his ideas. The boxes and bottles follow the color scheme of his shop, which is a striking black, white and silver combination. The colors are used in severe but smart manner. I sketched two of the smaller items, a box of mascara, black and silver lined in silver, and bleu d’argent eyeshadow notable for its tricky container. The box pivots under the cover and is made of a composition that looks like onyx and ivory. Frivolous, but practical.

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