Easy Vintage Summer Hair

Easy vintage summer hairstyle

When it’s too hot,

you need an easy vintage summer hairstyle.

It is too hot. It is too hot to put on makeup. It is too hot to mess with pin curls under the dryer. It is too hot to try to get perfect curls. It is too hot.

I have had no time to upkeep my outward appearance and then I start thinking about how hot it is outside and all I want to do is throw my hair in a ponytail.

I saw this picture of Bette Davis from the 1940s and it made me so happy. Maybe now when I go to meet the LUPEC girls at the park on Sunday, I won’t be tempted to throw my hair in a lazy ponytail.

This is so easy…

  • Hot rollers in no particular pattern, or even throw a curling iron quickly thru the hair so you don’t have to sit with that heat on your head.
  • Back brush the top of your head a little to get some height.
  • Brush lightly over the top and use some hair combs or barrettes to pin back the sides.
  • And fluff the curl a little with your hands.

Let it be frizzy. Let it be fluffy. Let it be un-perfect.

This is just what I need.

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