1940s Rope Hair Braid Tutorial…

1940s rope braid tutorial

1940s Easy Rope Braid Hair Tutorial

…Always learning

I have been a little absent lately from posts. The summer was super busy, so not much time for other blog posts. But I have a whole new mess of stuff to share with everyone after my week long class with Sharon Blain Art of Education.

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Sharon Blain is a 45 year hairstyling veteran based in Australia with numerous styling books, videos, and competitions under her belt and now spends most of her time as an educator and hair designer. She is my idol. I can only dream about having the kind of education production she has…perhaps someday.

Here is a beginner piece on some of what I learned, the rope braid. This has always been one of my favorite easy 1940s hair looks. It is such a sophisticated looking braid. It makes your vintage hairstyle instantly more fancy and if you have trouble getting vintage waves on the top of your head, you can replace it with this.

Step 1

Start with 2 equal size pieces of hair.

Step 2

Keeping the pieces separated, twist each piece of hair to the left.

Step 3

Take these 2 pieces of twisted hair and wrap them over each other the opposite direction to the right. Twist separately to the left, wrap together to the right.

Step 4

Keep twisting to the left and wrapping to the right as you work your way down the hair pieces. Finish with a ponytail holder and maybe a few bobby pins if your hair is slippery.

Another idea for a 1940s easy vintage rope braid hairstyle

Maybe your hair is too short and you don’t have long enough hair to do this braid on yourself. You can easily make a hair piece to use whenever you want. If you don’t have long enough hair to try this, just get some pony braid hair, available wherever braiding hair extensions are sold.

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  1. Oh, this is a super cute hairstyle. I’d have to figure out how to do it with a high ‘pouf’ at the top of my head, because my face needs height in a hairstyle. That factor, let alone that I have very long, fairly thick hair, throws a wrench into my trying 40’s hairstyles (which I desperately want to learn to do!)

  2. I love rope braids pinned as high buns, paired with betty bangs or fake bangs.
    I have a round face and very long hair, so this is a comffortable and flattering style.

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