Ebay Auction for Lana Turner’s Hair Accessories

My heart really skipped a beat when I came across this ebay auction. I was randomly searching, as I often do for things I don’t need, but just want really badly. And after typing in a search for anything with vintage hair in the title, I stumbled upon what appears to be auctions by Lana Turner’s daughter for some estate items including some of her hair accessories.

I almost started to weep. Lana Turner is a vintage hair icon to me. To own something that she wore in her hair would be such an amazing treat. Granted, the items are not going cheap. I thought I would share with everyone, so if you felt the same way I did, you could weep a little too.

lana turner 1943 1940s wearing black dress

Her daughter writes about Lana, “My Mother, Lana Turner had a passion for jewelry. She loved her rhinestones as much as her diamonds. Her costume jewelry collection was so large she had to keep it in custom made dressers that lined her walls.”

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Lana Turner Sterling Silver Hair combs from Latin Lovers

The description on Ebay reads, “These hair combs are from the 1940s’ or 1950’s and were worn in many films and photos . (Latin Lovers for one) These hair combs (2) have a 2 1/4 inch by just under 1/2 inch silver bar on a reddish brown hair comb. stamped Mexico. Sterling Mexican Silver.”

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Lana Turner Gold Metal Hair Ornament & Photos With It

The description reads, “This hair pin ornament is from the 1950’s and was worn in many films and photos. Included is a disc of Mother wearing it at a party at Rory Calhoun’s home in 1957. (two photos, 1 kissing him) She goes on to wear this in Peyton Place and other films. It is very ornate and beautiful. Gold metal lace disc 2 inches round attached to 2 gold metal prongs.”

Lana Turner Vintage Black Feather Hair Ornament

The description reads, “This hair head band black Cock feathers ornament is from the 1940’s and was worn in many films and photos. It is hand made for her by Rex, famous milliner to the stars in Beverly Hills.”

“There are feathers shooting everywhere. Glamorous and very Movie Star of the 40s…… She would wear this in her hair and anywhere else she could think of ……Worn in films and photos. As a child I remember watching Judy Garland and Mother playing with her hair ornaments.”

Can you imagine!? Your mom and Judy Garland playing dress up with pretty jewelry like they are little girls in their own mother’s or grandmother’s costume jewelry collection? I know you can. We all did that right?

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  1. I have so many things from this Lady on auction, it’s a pleasure to buy from her. You should treat yourself, those combs are from one of my favourite films!!

  2. Wow, thank you for posting it. Not sure how I missed this (oh yes, no computer because mine is in the shop…). Amazing. Lana Turner was a rare beauty.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been amassing my own vintage jewelry collection, and I really enjoyed reading about Lana and her custom made jewelry cabinets in her bedroom! Also loved reading that she loved her faux ice as much as her real ice! Thanks, and cool blog!

  4. Hi, I am reaching out to people who adore Lana as much as I do.
    I own a pair of table lamps, From Lana’s house in the Colony. I never thought I would have an opportunity to own more attravtive items and more personal.
    So I will get to the pointl 1st Chery and Josh Crane will absolutley back me up.
    I want to sell the two lamps from Lana place in Malibu, And the next item you migt want to sit down.
    I am the proud owner of 2 Oil Paintings. what makes these special is that LANA SPENT DAYS IF NOT LONGER painting them HERSELF.
    I have 2 and I want to sell the smaller one.
    I dont care who sees my info. I can alway block them
    or LaurenLandau1@gmail.com
    THanks for reading this!!!

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