Middle Part Vintage Hairstyle Looks

Some of the most beautiful women of the mid-twentieth century wore their hair slicked in a middle part. I wish I had the right face to do this part. The one thing I think I could do to have the middle part and not feel like it drags my face down is put it in a ponytail and style the bangs kind of curly. My friend Karen does that and she always looks stunning.

Let’s start a campaign to bring back the center part!

Rita Hayworth

Alice White

Delores Del Rio

Lupe Velez

Mary Beth Hughes

Image from 50’s hairstyling book

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  1. It also helps that all those women are stunning! I just can’t get myself to do the center part–but really envy women who can pull it off!

  2. I usually do my center parting, and my hair is straight and long… I never thought I looked goofy… maybe someone did and I didn’i even noticed. I like it because it is very 70s.

  3. I love centre partings, just not on me unfortunately! I think my nose is too prominent and it becomes even more prominent with a centre parting 🙁 Maybe i’ll have to try it again some day and see if it improves! x

  4. I agree that center parts are not for everyone, but that if they work they’re really pretty! Thanks for including the pic of Lupe Velez, I just saw an old Frasier episode where they mentioned her and I thought she was a fictitious person. Now I know she’s real and I’m going to google her!

  5. You have to have symmetrical features to pull this off. In my whole life I think I have done a middle part twice. Once as a kid and once in 1999.

  6. Yes indeed, Helen! That hairstyle w/ the middle part and the victory rolls would look very ‘flock of seagulls’ on most people. haha

  7. I can’t do center parts because I have a widow’s peak. That kind of hairline looks pretty odd when it’s parted down the center. Hence, side parts, bangs, or pulled straight back off the forehead for me.

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