Moisturize your suffering dry hands the old-fashioned way.

audrey hepburn white gloves

Dry skin in cold weather is a bear to deal with. There is an old-fashion recipe though to combat it and make your hands look 10 years younger.

My boyfriend hasn’t seen me do this yet and I think it may be the one thing about my retro beauty regimen that he will make fun of. 🙂 â€¦but I don’t care. I swear by it as a way to keep my getting older hands soft and younger looking, especially in this dry Colorado air.

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The Moisturizing Routine – Shea Butter

At night before bed, start with shea butter. The best way to get it out of the jar, without getting it under your nails is to put the top of your nail in and scoop backward so the top of your nail is what scoops it out and not your finger print side. I also use this method for getting all my creams out of jars. Then you don’t get gunk under your nails.

A 1/4 teaspoon size of shea butter should be enough. Rub on your hands. Use enough that your hands should feel a tiny bit slimy. Eeeuuwww.

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Hand Lotion

Next use your favorite hand lotion. I am using Queen Helene in this illustration which you can get at drug and grocery stores or on Amazon. You can really use whatever is your favorite. It doesn’t matter as long as you like the scent. So if you have a favorite from the mall or department store, it will work fine. You just want to use extra. You should not be able to rub it all in. The shea butter will keep you from rubbing it all in anyway, but there should be a little excess on your hands. Again, slimy.


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Gloves Overnight

Then put on some very fashionable cotton medicinal gloves and go to bed. This 6 pack is great, because, even with washing, the inexpensive white cotton can get a little discolored. (commissions earned) Maybe these black cotton gloves make more sense now that I think about it. 🙂

Make sure you are finished with everything else you need to do before bed before doing this regimen.

You will wake up the next morning with the softest hands you have ever known.

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  1. Aha! I have done this before but without the Vaseline and my gloves were just plain cotton gloves, not fancy ones specifically designed to aid in absorption!

    You my dear, have stepped the regime up a notch!

  2. He he he! I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this. I usually do it on a night when I know I’m not seeing anyone and finish off by watching a girlie movie on my laptop in bed, but I always remember to set my hair first before getting them all slimy 🙂

  3. He he this reminds me of an episode of sex and the city. I just wanted to say that I think your blog is great. I’ve just started blogging about beauty and hair products with tutorials on vintage hair so I will definitely be checking this blog out for lots of tips. xxxx

  4. Your regimen is so much better than mine! I kind of do the same thing but GHETTO.. I put vaseline on my hands, then I put plastic bags over them… then I put socks over that! HAHAHA. My boyfriend made fun of me until 1) I gave him a back rub while wearing the funky old socks and it felt amazing! and 2) It makes my dry nasty hands soooo soft!

  5. I do this with Diprobase aqueous cream and/or Eumovate in winter, due to horrible eczema and scaly dry hands. I also slather on Nutrogena Norweigen formula before I put my marigolds on to wash up – brilliant heat treatment, and you get your housework done without breaking a precious nail 😉

  6. AND you can use the cotton gloves to put your stockings on so you don’t snag them!

    I use something called “Baby Bottom Butter”. It is, as the name suggests, for babies’ bums, but it’s also an amazing moisturiser, and its main ingredient is olive oil.

  7. That… is almost exactly backwards? – wash/wet your hands first, then lotion, THEN vasaline… the vasaline will hold in the moisture and oils until it has time to soak in and do some good…

    The way you have it now, the vasaline is protecting your hands from the lotion, and the lotion is what ends up on your gloves – if you reverse it, the vasaline will be on the gloves, and your hands will get the lotion…

    I – LOVE – your blog!!! – I’m currently trying to figure out how to adapt your victorian hairstyle for dolls…. *grin*

  8. I’ve done a simpler version of this using just the Vaseline and rubber gloves. It’s great when I’ve been out sanding furniture or something that makes my hands a mess, to heal them faster.

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