Advertising Fans: Another vintage beauty tool

I find many things appropriate to share on this blog that you may not consider part of your beauty repertoire. Other than just your basic hair and makeup products, there are many other items to consider in your never ending quest to be a vintage beauty.

Case in point…the Vintage or Antique Advertising Fan.

The Popularity of the Advertising Fan

Keeping yourself cool and dry in the hot Summer months is vital to keeping hair curls from falling and your makeup from melting. In the early 20th century, these beautifully decorated fans were a common option to do just that.

Advertising fans started their popularity in the very early 20th century when mass printing and cheap production made them a great way for businesses to advertise. Fan companies had the artwork and production process set and would just need to offer typesetting and printing to the businesses to individualize the fan for them.

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If you were living in the 1920s, there were very few places that had air conditioning to keep you comfortable. In fact, your best bet to get relief from heat was to go to your local movie theater. Theaters were some of the first commercial buildings that could afford the expensive investment of this fairly new technology.

All types of businesses had these fans to give to their patrons. Clothing and shoe stores wanted you to be more comfortable while you shopped. Restaurants wanted you to enjoy your meal in comfort. And liquor companies handed them out at bars.

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It is very common to see religious imagery or advertisements for funeral homes on these fans since they were often handed out at churches. Few churches had the means to install expensive cooling equipment.

You can find these great antique fans all over Ebay and Etsy. Or head over to your local antique mall. I have found some great fans there.

vintage antique advertising fan deco lady with black fur

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