Retro beauty tricks from your medicine cabinet

Here are just a few ideas I’ve heard for some at home quick fix beauty techniques. I haven’t tried these, but I would love to hear from you ladies if it does or does not work for you.

1. Erase Nail Stains- If your nails are stained from all that red polish you just took off, soak your fingers in denture cleaner for a few minutes. The oxidizing agent is suppose to help remove stains.

2. Renew Your Broken Powder- If you favorite blush or eyeshadow breaks from its pot, mash it up with a spoon and then blend it with a colorless lip balm to make a cream blush or eyeshadow.

3. Create Liquid Eyeliner- Out of eyeliner? Can’t find your pencil sharpener? Liquid liner dry out? Put a drop or two of eye drops in your favorite shade of eyeshadow and use a very thin brush to apply this “liquid liner” in a pinch.

4. Add Volume to Your Lashes- Before you apply your mascara, dust your lashes with a little translucent powder to add instant volume.

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  1. I always dust my lashes with powder before mascara and get great volume. people often ask if they are fake, but it’s just drug store mascara.

  2. I’ve used all of these tricks, they’re great actually.

    I’ve also used mascara as eyeliner with a brush (mixed with a little non-oily liquid makeup remover to thin it out) I saw it once on one of those makeover shows.

    Burlyqlady from

  3. You can also repress your broken powder back into the pan…
    Mash it up, pour in rubbing alcohol and stir until it is of a creamy consistency. Let air dry. When it starts to set/harden, get a thin cloth, put it over the pan and press with the back of a spoon.

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