How to keep Warm without Crushing Your Vintage Hairdo. Baby, It’s Frickin’ Cold Outside.


I work really hard on my vintage hairdos and I don’t like crushing them for the sake of keeping my head warm in the winter.

If you have caught the news, you might have seen a little tidbit about the snow storm we are getting here in Denver right now. Totals at 8am this morning for downtown were 14.5 inches and it’s still going. And it’s…cold.

I did a blog post last month about different ways to wear a scarf around your head in a retro way, but those flimsy scarves are just not going to cut it now that the temperature outside here in Denver is dropping.

My other dilemma is that hats like beanies and cloches crush the heck our of my fine hair and when I take my hat off inside the restaurant, I want to actually look good, not like someone wrapped plastic wrap around the crown of my head. So here are some problem solving ideas to keep my head and/or ears warm without flattening my hair.

Earmuffs work great for this. And there are a bunch of downloadable patterns online to make your own in whatever color you want. If you haven’t taken the dive to learn to crochet yet, just go to the craft store, get a crochet hook and yarn, and then watch a 10 minute video on YouTube. It is so easy and you don’t even know how easy it is until you try it.


If you just want to buy something, most of the cute stuff I found online came from, big surprise, Etsy. Here are 2 different uber adorable vintage earmuffs. Of course, since they are vintage, there are only 1 of each available, but an Etsy search for earmuffs with a search funnel to only show items in vintage will bring up lots of cute stuff.

Pink Faux Fur Earmuffs on Etsy


Leopard Faux Fur Earmuffs on Etsy


So, Modcloth’s Orinoco Ear Muffs were really adorable and looked like something from a vintage crochet pattern book, but unfortunately they are no longer available.

So I set out to find something similar and I came across this heart knit ear muff on Etsy.


On Vermont Country Store’s website, you use to be able to buy this lightweight Knit Bonnet. It is no longer on the site, but you are in luck because this pick-your-color made-to-order from a 1950s bonnet pattern on Etsy is very similar.


I love this little half-hat bonnet style ear warmer because:

  1. It ties, so you can control how tight against your head it is.
  2. Because of that tie, you can place it more at the top of the crown or further back protecting any hard work you did on the front of your vintage hairstyle. Then you tie it under your chin instead of at the nape of your neck.

Vermont Country Store even used it as part of the selling copy that it is

Warm as a hat and won’t ruin your hairstyle.

Which is the point of this whole post.

To see more ideas for easy vintage hair accessories check out:

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  1. I love this post and I love that I’m not the only one who is too lazy to go out and get a converter box! LOL

    I miss tv. But I am watching lots of movies…which SHOULD give me an edge on your contest but …no.

    Love you, babe!

  2. You’re not missing much on TV hun 🙂 Wow,that’s a whole lotta snow! I love that Lightweight Mohair Bonnet, it’s too cute! I might just have to snag one of those 🙂

    Keep yourself toasty 🙂

  3. I love these! I want those animal print ear muffs and also those gloves with the fingers cut out…so adorable! I don’t know how you live without t.v.! I would go crazy without all my mindless trash (ghost hunters, Survivor, Real Housewives), and others like TCM movies…I’ve never lived outside of California and would die to see some actual snow! Have a great day girl! Kori xoxo

  4. Holy moley – snow!? We’ve got rain, flooding in spots and 60’s for temps today. I wouldn’t mind if all this rain was snow, though, because then I might get out of raking leaves when things dry out this week. Great post, btw. Stay warm! 🙂

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