Shampoo Commercials from the Golden Age of Television

Virginia Mayo drene shampoo advertisement circa 1950s

I love commercials from the 1950s, especially haircare product commercials, as you can imagine. These vintage shampoo commercials from the Golden Age of Television will add a little brightness to your winter day.

White Rain Lotion Shampoo

White Rain started selling beauty products in 1952 with its release of White Rain Lotion Shampoo. It is absolutely worth watching this commercial all the way through to see a happy White Rain customer dance in rain slicks around giant shampoo bottles. You can still buy White Rain shampoo today (commissions possible). It is about 1 step above the quality of body wash, but if you are one of those people that can use any shampoo and it doesn’t affect the health of your hair, go for it. Be vintage!

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Lustre-Creme Shampoo with Lanolin

You might be noticing a trend in these shampoo names. Lanolin in Lustre-Creme and lotion in White Rain shampoos let every women know their hair would be shiny and soft if she used their shampoo brands.

Lustre-Creme’s famous tagline was, “Never Dries…It Beautifies.” And ads for this shampoo featured some of the most famous actresses in Hollywood.

The hair model in this Lustre-Creme commercial is wearing a teased up bouffant masterpiece of a hairstyle too!

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Drene Shampoo

“Royal Drene can’t dry your hair out.” or so they claim in this 1958 commercial. A young woman tells her friends she can’t go anywhere tonight, because she washed her hair earlier and so her hair is unmanageable. The idea being, again, that shampooing your hair is drying, but not with Royal Drene Shampoo.

This commercial also has some immaculate all-around views of very cute vintage hairstyles from the 1950s.

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  1. I’m rushing out right now to buy a bottle of Royal Drene.

    I can’t wait to shampoo AND date on the same day!

  2. These are brilliant. I wonder if you’ve ever seen the Halo Shampoo set of commercials that Peggy Lee filmed. I can’t actually find them on the net (I have them on DVD maybe I’ll upload on my blog soon) but they really are a treat. She sings and models a hairstyle at the same time!

    “So Halo, Everybody, Halo
    Halo Shampoo, Halo!”

    Oh, peggy!

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