Vintage Creative Combing Hairstyle Magazine

Vintage Creative Combing Hairstyle Magazine

I urge anyone who comes across vintage hairstyle material like magazines, brochures, booklets, and books to buy them regardless of the decade they are from. Just because you think it is the wrong decade or the styles aren’t quite what you love, does not mean that you can’t get a lot of helpful information from it still. I am talking about vintage beauty directions.

I recently received this small styling brochure with some helpful tips on the comb-out. But at first glance, a lot of vintage lovers might pass this by. It is a very specific time period, written around 1962 or 1963. There was a look to popular styles at that time that might not be the personal taste of someone who is more into say WW2 era hairstyles. But when you read what the descriptions have to say, there is all kinds of helpful information on how to do vintage hairstyles from earlier decades like the 1940s or 1950s.

The styles changed over time, but the concept of the comb-out and how important it is to directing hair into the shape you want it to be has always been the key to getting the look you want.

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I took a few of the inside pages and added extra images of earlier hairstyles to illustrate how this booklet is still very relevant to a 1940s or 1950s hairstyle lover.

The first 2 pages describe combing curls into vintage waves.

Vintage Creative Combing Hairstyle Magazine Page01

The 3rd page describes directing hair back and around the ear, similar to how you need to comb your hair for a vintage pageboy hairstyle.

Vintage Creative Combing Hairstyle Magazine Page02

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  1. Hey Lauren loving your blog and how focused it is on vintage styling. Love your hair color and style the most especially! Great post as well. Love xoxo

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