Elegant Vintage Hair Accessories from the 1940s

An important element to emulating hair accessories from the 1940s is copying how they were worn. Vintage hair accessories were designed to enhance the form of the hairstyle. Women placed them at a focal point of the hairstyle. Or the accessory framed elements of the hairstyle.

In the following article from Beauty Shop Digest, dated September 1946, there are some lovely examples of elegant ways to wear a vintage hair accessory.

Vintage 1940s september 1946 Beauty Shop Digest magazine cover

A short video about the hairstyle women wore in the early 1940s during WWII.

Dramatize the Formal Coif

Ribbons, flowers, jewels…all have their places in the new swing toward gay, formal events. And too much emphasis cannot be put on individualized hair lines with dramatic accents to suit the type.

Looped ribbon hair accessory

For instance, there’s smartness in the cockscomb of looped ribbon anchored to the comb which runs parallel with the side roll on the curled-under bang arrangements.

drawing 1940s woman with ribbon hair accessory

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Grecian back hair accessory

There’s eye-catching interest for the Grecian back with its important side waves and up-curled ends when contrasting ribbon is tucked around the head.

drawing 1940s hairstyle with grecian style hair accessory

Jeweled band hair accessory

Top curl advocates will like a jeweled band run across the mid-section as a base for the curls…or continued completely around.

drawing 1940s woman with jeweled hair band

Jewel clips hair accessory

Patrons with real jewel clips will welcome a new use for them…to accent a striking waved bang.

drawing 1940s woman hairstyle with jewel clips

Blossoms winding hair accessory

For a new flower arrangement, try a slim, long stem with numerous petite blossoms winding their way down one side of a trim updo.

drawing 1940s vintage hairstyle with winding flowers hair accessory

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Nestling place for posies hair accessory

And for the sophisticate with a yen for feminine frills along with sleekness of line, there’s excitement in a waved bang with curls over the ears as the nestling place for posies.

drawing 1940s vintage hairstyle with posies accessory

Here are higher resolution downloads of the pages if you want to print them and frame them or something…

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