Your Vintage Fall Hair and Make-up Guide

Fall! It’s here! The leaves are starting to change here in the Northern Hemisphere. That means Halloween is right around the corner. Then we get to eat gobs of Thanksgiving dinner. Then we get to go shopping and spend way more money than we do the entire year. And then, at least for me in Colorado, I get to stop taking care of the yard for 4 months! What a great time of year Fall is.

It is also when we get to completely change our wardrobe, hair, and make-up. I tried a new hair color last week. It is more Burgundy Red than Orange Red now. And I am going to try experimenting with some new ways to wear my International Convertible Cut too.

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From the October 1947 issue of Modern Beauty Shop, here is what they recommend for your hair and make-up for Fall.

Brief and Breezy – For Fall!

Short and casual hairdos are the thing for spinning through Autumn countryside in a car, or for Fall shopping around town, with or without a hat. Crisp breezes can’t blow askew brief locks so carefully shaped to the head. They’re back in place in a jiffy with stroke of the comb.

Fall Frolic

Fall Frolic is waved away from the face and caught with a ribbon band and bow around the crown. Ends of the crown hair are pulled over the circlet of ribbon and combed toward the face in short waves that stop at the hairline. Nape locks are fluffed.

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Fancy Free

Fancy Free has a rolled-forward toplock and short ends softly waved to overlap the ears in a brief fringe.


Windswept is cleverly shaped to head and waved in wide sweeping dips in the new over-the-ear effect. The same pattern is repeated on each side of the center part. Nape strands turn up in featherly “duck-tails.”

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And moving on to your Fall recommendations for make-up…

Color Artistry!

Blend the make-up to the costume shades

Coordinating make-up shades are suggested for the brunette, the blonde, the redhead, the white-haired woman…and for the dark skin and light skin types. To achieve perfect color artistry, study the chart and show your patrons the importance of close harmony between make-up and costume color.

Fall Makeup Color for 1947

The clothing color predictions in the chart below were my guess at what the colors actually look like. The more I look at it, the more I think the Roseflame is totally wrong. I based it on a type of rose that is called the Flame Rose. But then I read the lipstick colors that the magazine suggests wearing with this color which include Pink and Light Pink. That seems odd to me.

According to the chart, these are the predictions for Fall 1947 wardrobe colors from the Textile Color Card Association of the United States (now known as Color Association of the United States). This association is an independent color trend forecasting and color consulting service, known for its textile color swatch book, the Standard Color Reference of America.

I challenge all of my readers to try a new way to style your hair this Fall. And send me a picture! Or tag my on instagram…@laurenrennells

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  1. HI Lauren, thank you for this inspiration! As a pro, do you have some tips on how to make these hairdos last in windy & wet weather…?

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