Sometimes our fabulous comes from a great accessory

All of these vintage actresses look chic in these photos. And their simple vintage hair accessories are for sure helping.

This morning, while going through the coat closet to find something, I came across my little basket of berets and scarves. They do not get a ton of use until it gets a little cooler outside. I am looking forward to getting them back in my morning outfit rotation.

It inspired today’s post of simple vintage ways to wear accessories this Fall and look like you are the chicest woman at the office.

Deborah Kerr

I love the solid trench with the patterned scarf.

Maria Montez

This scarf and curly hairstyle, but with a turtleneck sweater, capri pants, and ballet flats…you can just picture it can’t you?

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Elizabeth Taylor

Simple bangs, simple outfit, simple solid colored vintage scarf…Liz Taylor lets her beautiful face do the work.

Get yours at!

Lulu Guerrero

The patterned cap and matching scarf with the solid top is cute as can be. Lulu Guerrero, one of Jackie Gleason’s billboard girls, was the first African American woman to perform regularly on a network television show. Here is a great article about her.

Norma Shearer

I’m dying a little bit over this solid colored beret and matching sweater with a patterned neck scarf. Norma Shearer was the chicest actress of the 1930s.

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  1. Yes, bows for us “big girls” is hard to come by without spending a small fortune it seems. Should be easy enough to make though with some ribbon and hair pins! Good luck going all Stewart on it! 😀

  2. Oh my goodness it is super easy to make. All you need is a glue gun, ribbon to make bows with and a hair clip that I am not sure what it is called maybe a jaw clip basically it looks like a pincer and it is metal, it sits nice and flat on the head. Typical clips that hairstylists use or make up artists to pull hair back from the face. And Viola you have a cluster of bows for next to nothing!I love bows in my hair…it adds a nice youthful charm….

  3. I think you should be quite pleased with the bow.
    I’m also excited to say that I have just ordered my copy of the new book and can’t wait to try out some styles that have been eluding me.
    xx Candice DeVille

  4. Ah lauren, Ilove your blog. What a wonderful idea. At first glance, I would have thought the bows were flowers. Lovely Lena!

    LisaFreemontStreet. 🙂

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