Zhou Xuan – The Golden Voice of China

Here are, what I think, some simple hairstyles to try courtesy of the Golden Voice of China Zhou Xuan. A Chinese film movie star and singer, Xuan adopted her stage name at the age of 13 and it means “beautiful jade”. I am still a bit fuzzy on this and perhaps someone can help me out, but it is my understanding that Zhou is the family name and Xuan is actually her distinctive name. In Western culture we would say Xuan Zhou.

Her makeup is just beautiful here. I like the way the artist colorized this magazine cover image that refers to Xuan as a rising star. The victory roll like way her bangs are rolled is fun.

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  1. Hi Lauren
    Just wanted to say hat I have been reading your blog for sometime but never commented. I have both editions of your book and must say they have changed my life! I was barely able to put my hair in a ponytail before so thank you 🙂

  2. Chinese names are familyname personalname -the opposite of a western European. It should be general for more Asiatic countries, which I do not know, but Japan surely.
    The Chinese names, that to us is just a random mix of syllabels, have meanings as “beautiful flower” or “precious jade” or like it. Just as the name Christian means “christen person” and “Theodora” means gift og God(greek).


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