Vintage wet set with the Primrose pin curl set!

The pin curl set I have named Primrose uses the basic fundamentals of pin curling and the wet set to style this beautiful classic vintage hairstyle. This hair design can be worn with 1940s or 1950s vintage fashion and still look “period appropriate” or “authentic”.

With the vintage looks I create, I try to find a nice balance of being period correct, but also giving myself the freedom to experiment and mix things up. We have the benefit of combining all of the mid-century decades into whatever works for our own personal expression right?

Curling using the pin curl

Pin Curling is a simple enough idea. Free-hand curl the hair and then pin it to set. Simple enough right?

pin curl on dark hair

Anyone who has tried this with no experience knows that there is a little more to it. But I will reassure you, that with some practice, it actually is a manageable hairstyling technique that will style into the vintage curls we all love. And it’s so gratifying when it’s done!

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The Primrose

In the Primrose set, I use the Roll & Go Hair Tool to make that “free-hand” part a little easier. The tool can be a little awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it really is invaluable for creating even-sized, very round curls that will brush out beautifully.

If your pin curls are too oblong or vary in size too much one next to the other, the brush-out just doesn’t have that special, uniform wave we are often trying to achieve.

This tutorial video, which is only about 11 minutes long, will give you a very good basic set up for setting the curls and also tips on the part of the set many people have trouble with…the brush out. It has been my most watched video on YouTube as of yet.

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Supplies you will need

If you are trying to find any supplies I used in the video, here is a simple list plus links to where you can get them. Some of these tools I sell direct from my online store and some are from other suppliers.

    Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may earn me a commission. I link these items because of their quality and not because of the commission I may receive. I am an independent blogger and I write based on my own opinions.

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