Ways to Use Vintage Hair Side Combs, Featuring Grip-Tuth®

Side combs are a must have vintage hair tool. The possibilities for ways you can use them are endless.

I’ve collected a number examples here to share with you.

Note: This is 1 part of a 2 part blog series. Please see the other post about Grip-Tuth® during WWII here.

Secure a Victory Roll

The set of printed directions below describes how to use the Grip-Tuth® combs to set your victory roll in place. It reads:

  1. Make roll and catch a few hairs with each tooth of Grip-Tuth®
  2. Stretch roll about one inch above desired final position.
  3. Slide retainer down firmly next to scalp.
  4. Finished. (If roll is too tight, pick up less hair in step 1.)

Securing a 1940s UpDo with Grip Combs

The next few pages are from a special booklet the Diadem company commissioned to feature Grip-Tuth® Hairtainers hair combs and their use in hairstyles by famous hairstylists of the time.

Image courtesy Good Hair Days, Inc.

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Image courtesy Good Hair Days, Inc.
Image courtesy Good Hair Days, Inc.

More 1940s Hair Comb Hairstyles

These drawings of great uses for hair combs came from a 1943 Modern Beauty Shop magazine.

The high, diagonal placement of these combs will help add height to your vintage hairstyle.

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These little hair combs hold fine hair perfectly.

You can use hair combs to press a wave into place better.

Side combs with long hair create a cute silhouette.

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