1939 Waving and Curling Theory Part 3

Paper Curling

1. How is a paper curl given?

The hair is divided into small strands which are formed into flat ringlets held in place by means of a folded piece of paper. The curls are heated between the prongs of a pressing iron and when they are cool are then combed and brushed out and placed into wave resembling a soft marcel. The curls may also be set into hanging curls.

2. What factors are to be considered in giving a paper curl?

The texture of the hair, skill in winding the strands, care in slipping the hair from the curling stick, temperature of the pressing iron, and setting of the wave.

Round Curling

1. What is a round curl?

A round curl is a wave produced by twisting the hair tightly and evenly around a heated curling iron.

2. What kind of hairdress does round curling produce?

A round curl produces a fluffy hairdress and is flattering to women with thin faces and fine features. Round curling is also desirable for very fine hair as it tends to bring out the missing fullness.

Brush Curling

1. For what kind of hair is brush curling used?

Brush curling the permanent wave is often more satisfactory for very fine and thin hair than finger waving. This kind of wave will give a soft, fluffy effect and help cover partially bald spots on the head.

2. Briefly describe the brush curling process.

A brush curl may be briefly described as a curl made by tightly winding a wet strand of hair around the index finger in an overlapping curl, smoothly brushing with a stiff brush, securely pinning to the scalp with wire pins, and carefully drying with artificial heat. After the drying, the pins are removed, and the curls combed out and formed with the fingers and comb into waves. (This basically sounds like a wave created by a pin curl, but here they call it a brush curl.)

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  1. I found you blog by goggling beauty marks (I have one and was writing a post on them) and so glad I found your fabulous blog! I am watching Cat on hot tin roof tonight and your blog have me loving all things retro!!

  2. when we were children, there was an outbreak of headlice in our school. Mom had 7 of us kids with gasoline shampoos, bleached sheets and not a single louse in sight…but I think we were higher than Jimmy Hendrix during that experience 🙂

  3. From what I remember of my school days and that of my cousin who was about 15 years older than me the brush curl is an upright curl while a pin curl is flat to the head. Brush rollers made this faster and simpler to achieve.

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