More 1939 theory and practice of beauty culture Part 2

And now class, let’s move on to the next installment of the Manual on Theory and Practice of Beauty Culture. My copy apparently belonged to a Doris Haworth who went to the E. Burnham School of Beauty Culture in Chicago. According to the writing inside the cover, Miss Haworth attended Dermatology on Monday, Trichology on Tuesday, and Cosmetic Electrotherapy on Wednesday. After that she must have gotten a composition notebook because there are no more hand written notes in the book.

Croquignole Marcel Waving1. Is croquignole marcel waving a new process of waving?
Croquignole marcel waving is an old method now being revived, which is proving very advantageous for the beauty operator, as it can be done quite satisfactorily with very little practice.2. Why is croquignole marcel waving so called?
Because the principle of winding the hair is somewhat like croquignole winding in permanent waving.

3. What temperature iron is used?
A medium warm iron.

4. What type of iron is preferred?
While it is possible to use an ordinary marcel iron, the new type iron, with a spring handle in the joint, produces much better results. A slight pressure relaxes the tension, thus permitting the hair to slide through the iron with ease.

5. In what way does the croquignole marcel differ from other marcel waves?
It is more soft and natural in appearance, since the hair falls just as it does when there is a natural wave.

6. Briefly give the directions in giving a croquignole marcel.
Starting at the part, take a square inch of the hair in the left hand and insert the iron in a slanting position, from 2 to 2 1/2 inches from the scalp. With the shell on top and the rod underneath, and always keeping the iron the same distance from the scalp, start to roll the iron toward you until the rod is on top and the shell is underneath. The left hand controls the hair, while the right one constantly flexes the iron, opening and closing it to allow the hair to slide around the iron. After the iron has made one complete turn, the left hand takes the strand of hair and turns it OVER the iron, holding the end of the strand toward you as in the first position. Then roll the iron toward the scalp, where it is held for a few seconds to allow the heat to penetrate. Continue over the entire head, and when completed, comb the hair and place the wave in the desired coiffure.

7. Can the croquignole marcel wave be given to long hair?
Yes, but the ends should not be wound.

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