Different Ways to Wear a Vintage Scarf


There are so many ways to wear a vintage scarf. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from. They can become such a versatile accessory…more versatile than jewelry.

I am not really sure what happened to Fall here in Denver, but we seem to have skipped over it and gone straight to Winter. And a beanie wreaks havoc on my fine hair after I put it in a vintage style.

So I went searching for some creative ways to tie a scarf to keep my ears warm, but not crush my hair.

Feature image is actress Mara Corday.

Betty Grable 1930s


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Virginia Dale Late 1930s


Clara Bow 1920s


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Elizabeth Taylor Late 1950s


Norma Jean Dougherty (Marilyn Monroe) 1940s

Marilyn_Monroe_Bathing_Suit_Vintage_Scarf_Bow Hairstyle_Young_Early_1940s

Sophia Loren (not a scarf)

She is actually wearing a hat in this 1960s picture, but you could easily tie a long scarf to mimic this shape.

sophia loren beehive 1960s vintage scarf cat eye makeup

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  1. Cute! I have short hair which I’m growing out to long right now and a massive silk scarf collection, but I never really know how to wear them with short hair. It’s really tricky!

  2. Hair pins right above the ears, JUlie. Grasp some hair w/ the scarf. That thing won’t budge!

    Lauren, I have a quick question. I bougt some waving clips this past weekend and I was NOT happy w/ the fingerwaving results. The waves were more like ‘bumps’. Do you use them much? Thanks


  3. Here’s a tip: hats that are too small DO wreak a ‘do. A properly sized hat will not, and the hat stays on the head because it is held on by a hat pin, which pierces the hat, slips under hair, and back out. On a really windy day, just pin a simple pin curl, and run the hat pin through the bobby pin. That hat will stay put through a hurricane! Also when placing a hat on your head, push it on from front to back…it will lift the hair slightly instead of being mashed straight down.

  4. Amen to “where, oh where, is fall?”
    I must confess though, I think it’s my fault! I jumped the gun and bought all my new fall wardobe at the end of august…estatic to bring on the fall boots and sweaters…little did I know, I would wake up to winter in September! I’m sorry I jinxed us all. But I am glas to see that a) it’s not just us central montana folk suffering the lack of the fall glow and b) that y’all are as scarf happy as I am! another cute idea, I wore a silky black scarf tied around my neck, adorned with a huge, blingin’ antique broach! So cute! and all for a buck-fifty!

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  6. I love this post! I make special wool headbands just for these styles! I used to call them pigtail hats because my hats never fit right with pigtails. Now I have a flip and they are all I wear in the winter.

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