Creative Vintage Gift Idea – Milk Glass Bathroom Vanity Accessories

Finding a creative vintage gift can be daunting. The perfect inspiration, though, is right under your nose. The vintage styled vanity, whether in the bathroom or a sweet little mirror and desk of beauty in your bedroom, is a beautiful place to start.

Imagine the vanity, which has to hold a lot of useful items, sprinkled with little milk glass containers for beauty products like soap and makeup. And how lovely would little milk glass containers and a few new beauty essentials be arranged in a gift basket.

Where to find Milk Glass

This kind of glassware is easy to find locally. Your local antique store is a good start. I have a bunch in my kitchen that I collected from Goodwill.

Online resale sites like Etsy are also a great place to look. I found several perfect sized candy dishes in a quick search.

There are still makers of milk glass today as well. Mosser Glassware in Ohio is a family owned company making milk glass and many more classic glassware items.

Size to Consider

You will want to make sure when you buy it that it is going to be the right size for what you are doing. The dishes can get very large and awkward for a bathroom or vanity. Alot of these I spotted on Etsy, but I was very careful to read the dimensions to get an idea if they would work for the project.

And there is no limit to how creative you can get with it. Just purchase milk glass containers and fill them with whatever lovely bath item or vanity necessity you can think of.

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Other Colors of Milk Glass and Other Glassware

I am not trying to make things harder, but did you know that you can get milk glass in other colors like powder pink, jade green, and bright blue?

Or you can take this decorating idea a different direction with all of the other colors that are available in vintage glassware. I saw this amethyst goblet and thought that this color would be an amazing powder room color starting point.

Milk Glass Soap Dish Gift

Pretty soaps dress up any bathroom. Handmade soaps from a local boutique are a great gift. Or you can splurge on a high end soap. Chanel and many other companies offer their perfume in soap form. Just check with your local department store.

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Milk Glass cotton ball holder


Makeup Brush Holder

This fluted milk glass dish is such a beautiful piece and perfect for holding makeup brushes, hair pins, accessories…


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  1. I love this idea! I have the one in your middle photo and it holds my coffee. I have another small one at my bar that houses toothpicks. And another that houses new lip balm for my house guests. The ideas are endless!

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