Jane Sterling Mad Men Hairstyle – Vintage Christmas Hair Accessories Tutorial #2

The character of Jayne Sterling on Mad Men, played by Peyton List, always looked amazing. She has great clothes and great hair, but of course when your only job is to look good for your husband Roger Sterling and you have full access to his bank account, you better look immaculate all the time.

This second hairstyle tutorial in my series of Vintage Christmas Hair Accessories is dedicated to her.

A lot of strands of things could be used for this coiffure. For my version I am actually using a curtain tie-back from the fabric store. You could also use your favorite ribbon, or be like Jane Stirling, who sported pearls in her hair for the episode “Far Off Places”.

Warning! – Avoid using things like chains or anything that can easily tangle in your hair.

Step 1: Get curl in your hair. It doesn’t need to be pin curls or anything that tight. A medium curling iron curl will be plenty.

Step 2: Put your hair in a high ponytail. Yes, you need a certain amount of length to do it just like Jane. You can also buy some cheap extensions from the beauty supply. They don’t even have to be clip in. You can incorporate some fake hair into the ponytail to get the length since the base of the ponytail is going to be covered here shortly. I’m pretty sure Jane herself has a little extra hair piece help in her big hairstyle.

 Step 3: Take whatever your hair decoration is going to be and make a loose circle around the head. Pin it down in a couple places to keep it from slipping off while you are working.

Step 4: The next three images illustrate what you are going to do all around the ponytail. Take sections of the curly ponytail and comb and smooth them and weave them with the strand decoration. Pin the curls to hold everything in place.

I love this final vintage big bun look. The character of Jane did a great job of staying on trend when styles changed in the mid-1960s and this hairstyle is a perfect example that.

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