1960s Vintage Wedding Hair and Veils: Unique Bridal Bouffants and Bubble Veils

The bride of the 1960s is unmistakable with her unique style of poof bouffant hairstyle and shoulder length bubble wedding veil. But this isn’t the only bride of the 1960s. Included in this group were brides with chic updos wrapped in decorative bands, proper pillbox hats, and other unique headpiece options for their wedding day.

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Fashion styles overlapped through the decades of the mid-20th Century, as I explain in my “What Decade is Your Hairstyle?” video on YouTube. Some wedding veil styles of the 1950s carried over into the 1960s with some minor differences in sizes and lengths.

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Veil Length of the 1960s

The popular hairstyles of the 1960s had a huge influence bridal veil fashion. What veil length works with the sleek bubble shapes of 1960s hairstyles?

Shoulder length and elbow length were very common veil lengths in the 1960s

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Bubble (Pouf) Veil of the 1960s

Many bridal catalogues of the day referred to this veil style as the “Bouffant veil” as it mimicked the big bouffant hairstyles of the time.

Small Crown Princess Veil

Central Single Flower or Cluster of Flowers

1960s Pillbox Hat and Veil

1960s Bridesmaid Headpieces

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