Cute Vintage Inspired Salon Capes

Coming across vintage salon capes isn’t easy. We hairstylists put these capes through a lot of stress and staining. Ones from the 1950s were actually often pink or blue, so they got dirty. And time wasn’t good to them either. The old vinyl plastic ones discolored and deteriorated over the years.

I have been lucky enough to find a few here and there. The best way to find them is by searching estate sales of women who had salons in their basements. Internet searches can sometimes find them too.

My Vintage Poodle Shampoo Cape

I was lucky to find this one. I don’t really have any intention of actually using it on a client. I’m clumsy and could picture myself dropping red hair color on this and then I’d be really sad.

vintage poodle salon shampoo cape

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Part of me wonders if this was a beauty cape that was actually sold to women to use at home. These little poodles holding his and her towels make me think of the home bathroom, not a salon experience.

vintage poodle salon shampoo cape

And this little poodle with the bubble bath bottle also reminds me of the home bathroom.

New Salon Capes that Look Vintage

Salon capes are part of the decor of your salon. Plain black is fine, but isn’t it more fun to have something with a little more color and joy? Give your customer that little extra experience…

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I put myself on a little mission to find cute salon capes available today that feel vintage, but are easier to take care of and washable. I didn’t find anything that really made me go wow, but I did find these good options.

Leopard Print Salon Cape

I know leopard print isn’t new, but it is still chic. How about this leopard print salon cutting cape?

leopard print salon cape

Polka Dots are vintage

Many people associate polka dots with the 1950s. They weren’t all over the place, but they are cute and fun and this black and white polka dot salon cape will add a little joy to your customer’s experience.

black and white polka dot salon cape

Rose Flower Salon Cape

If your salon is a girlie pink kind of place, maybe this flower salon cape would work well for you.

floral roses salon cape

Baby Pink Salon Cape

And when it doubt, for a vintage salon experience, a baby pink salon cape is always a classic.

pink salon cape

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