Feel like you are applying Vintage Mascara without the Vintage Germs

Many people know the story of Maybelline and it being the first commercially advertised eyelash dressing. A pharmacist saw his sister mixing kohl and vaseline to apply to her lashes. Her name was Maybel.

Get it? Maybel… vaseline. Maybelline. All kidding side, this is a true story.

Vintage Cake Mascara

You may have come across a little package of makeup that looks like this in an antique store. This is the first version of cake mascara. The Maybelline version is the most common one you will see.

maybelline cae vintage mascara

Cake mascara works like this. You wet the brush that comes with the package and rub it into the mascara cake pot, apply to your lashes and let it dry.

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For those of you who might be tempted to goof off and actually apply this makeup to yourself for fun… please don’t. We didn’t have the same cosmetic ingredient standards back in the day. And imagine how much bacteria and gunk can grow on something that has been sitting for 75 years. That’s an infection waiting to happen.  

Cake Mascaras Today

Here are new cake mascaras available now that are a fun alternative, so you can feel like one of those beautiful vintage ladies in front of her vanity applying her makeup. Cake mascara can also be a great alternative for people you have bad reactions to the chemicals of commercial wand mascara.

Classic Vintage Cake Mascara

Besame Cosmetics has been making classic vintage makeup for years and is the gold standard for reproduction vintage cosmetics. The Besame Cosmetics Cake Mascara comes in the prettiest little tin with a brush and you can buy refills for the mascara when you run low.

besame cake mascara

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Brown and Black Cake Mascaras

This Natural Cake Mascara on Etsy comes in Brown and Black.

Cake Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

This Organic Aloe Mascara Bar on Etsy is designed for eyes that can be sensitive to mascara. And you can get this great applicater!

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  1. Another reason to be wary of applying make-up old enough to be antique is also that lead might be in it ( in high school I belonged to a theatre group which for decades had previously been pretty much nonexistent. We found a lot of old- 1930’s or so- make-up and they had lead in it! Scary!)

    Thanks for telling us about this. Actually, this sound waaaaaay more hygienic than even the normal wand mascara (which actually is quite unhygienic, what with the closed container).

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