Late Beatnik Cool (and their hairstyles) of the early 1960s

In all of these images, the actresses, singers, and artists embody what I think of as early-60s cool; heavily influenced by the ease of Beatnik style mixed with feminine fashion.

I have the early 1960s on the brain for several reasons. I thought I would get everyone else’s brains thinking about the early 1960s by sharing some pictures of cool women taken circa 1960, 1961, and 1962 (Maybe a 1959 as well).

I really love the chic effortlessness that the women in all of these images exude. Their hair isn’t overdone. Their makeup isn’t overdone. They are stars, but they have styled themselves as if it is just any old day.

Jean Shrimpton

Diahann Carroll

Sophia Loren

Sandra Dee

Rita Moreno

Audrey Hepburn

Astrid Kirchnerr

Brigitte Bardot

Jane Fonda

Kim Novak

Barbra Streisand

Monica Vitti

Natalie Wood

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  1. Woo hoo! I actually won something!

    P.S. Yes, that is Ursula Andress. She played Honey Ryder. Honor Blackman was Pussy Galore – the greatest Bond girl name EVER!

  2. WHAT?!?!? These are all the pictures I’ve been searching for…if you see my blog you’ll know why…haha. I can’t believe you have all these.

  3. Diana Rigg filmed in her luscious bride to be beauty was the first Mrs. James Bond in the bond film “On her Majesty’s Secret Service” starring man candy George Lazenby. Inevitable as it seems young love affaires to be tragic, and George Lazenby looses his young bride to a vicious revenge attach from none other than a drive by shooting attempt by lollipop licking Telly Savales. Honor Blackman in addition to being credited with expert flying skills, was a devious “Bond Girl” mayven complete with her own little “pussy cat” girls flying team from her own self named circus. The little flying pussy cat mayvens were responsible for spraying sleeping gas or gassing the soldiers at Fort Knox via a fly by for their boss Bad man “Goldfinger” on The Bond Flick Goldfinger – ( which incidentally starred a particulary purrfect Lincoln Mercury vehicle in it’s own premier year, a 1967 Mercury Cougar ) Nonetheless these ladies had Hollywood hair stylists to attend to their infamous locks. Thank you for placed this delectable article for my theater studies Mais Oui!

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