9 Vintage Beauty New Year’s Resolutions


9 Vintage Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are our opportunity to commit to making our lives better in some way, help us feel better about ourselves. Quitting smoking, exercising more or organizing your life are all opportunities to make a new good habit or get yourself out of a rut.

I suggest adding a small resolution to your list to move forward in your vintage beauty regime. These little ideas will make a world of difference in how you feel about yourself everyday and that is what resolutions are for.

1. Resolve to clean out your old hair and makeup products and get rid of anything you don’t use.

Clutter is mentally blocking. If you are staring at 100 different beauty products trying to decide which to us, you will waste more time deciding and less timing using. Get rid of the superfluous items and simplify. I should really take my own advice.

2. Resolve to get a haircut with some layers.

Layers help significantly in creating form and shape in a vintage style and it will add volume and bounce to your curls.

3. Resolve to master your favorite curling technique.

If the only practice you get curling your hair is when you are actually trying to get ready to go out, I am sure you have had many blunders and bad hair days where your hair didn’t quite take the curl the way you wanted it to. Spend an afternoon just trying different curls to see which is best for what you want to achieve.

4. Resolve to come up with one new, great vintage looking style you can do in 5 minutes when you are in a rush.

I don’t care if it is a ponytail that you throw a couple hot rollers in. Make it simple, but there should be at least 2 steps. Take a picture of it and hang the picture on your mirror. That way when you are at the mirror rushing to get out the door, you will be reminded that your hair does have a fast option you can do now.

5. Resolve to wash your face and moisturize it everyday and exfoliate once a week.

Trust me on this. Your pores will shrink because you will be getting out all the dirt. Your skin will brighten because you will be getting rid of dead skin cells that are glued on the top layer. Your fine lines will soften because the moisture will plump the cells. It will make you feel younger and prettier. Just do it.

6. Resolve to reshape and fill in your vintage shaped eyebrows.

If you are unhappy with your eyebrows, over tweezed them to nothing, or tweeze them not enough, resolve to fix it. Either stop tweezing for a couple months to let them come back so you can rethink their shape or start putting more effort to tweezing in a pleasing shape. And resolve to finish them everyday by drawing them in. Very few of us have those amazing brows that are just beautiful on their own. You may need a sharp pencil to bring the outer point longer or the arch higher or some brow powder to fill in because you dye your hair a darker color. If you put mascara on everyday, eyebrow shaping should be added to your regime. Eyebrows make all the difference in how we look.

7. Resolve to find the perfect red lipgloss, lip stain, or lipstick that you can wear during the day.

Pick something you are comfortable with. If lipstick is too bold for you, go for a gloss or stain, but have something to finish your appearance to go to work and look polished.

8. Resolve to practice and perfect the right wing eyeliner for your eye shape.

Do it when you have nowhere to go and at least an hour to just draw on your eyeliner. Draw one style on one eye and a different style on the other. Look at them in the mirror and compare which is the most flattering. If you think you can do better, wipe them off and start again. Try different colors…black, brown, plum, navy, combos of one on top of the other. When you come up with one you like, take a picture of it with your eyes open staring straight at the camera and with your eyes closed. Hang these pictures on the mirror so next week when you are getting ready to go out dancing you can remember what you did.

9. Resolve to take better care of your nails.

Do they need oil for moisture so they will stop breaking? Do they need polish everyday so you will stop biting? Do they need buffing to shine them up? Whatever it is, make an effort to keep your nails in tip top shape. Pretty, well manicured hands make you feel more feminine and they are nice to look at when you are shuffling thru papers and typing on your computer at work.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Lauren! shaping up a bit when it comes to beauty is definitely on my list, but these are great and concrete ideas.

  2. I love these. A couple of good reminders, and I love the idea of having at least 1 5-minute go-to hairstyle when you forget what else you can do. Thanks, and Happy New Year!!

  3. These are great tips. I will certainly be adding several, if not all of them to my list of things to do for 2013. Happy New Year!

  4. Good post, Lauren. It is funny, when heading out for Christmas last week, I found myself thinking I should pitch a lot of the makeup I simply don’t use. (Silly me, I have been letting “But then I’d need to get a smaller container to hold what is left” hold me back!)

    Happy new year to you!

  5. Great ideas! I was just thinking the amount of old “just in case I run out” makeup under the bathroom counter was getting a little scary. And I definitely need to work on my curling skills.

  6. Hmm, many of these don’t apply to me personally since my current hair is Audrey Hepburn a la Sabrina short. Not my favorite hairstyle on me, but it’s SO fast to get ready. I do definitely need to take better care of my skin and certainly nails since I now live somewhere that doesn’t have a dish washer.

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