Vintage Makeup for Darker Skin Tones – the disclaimer

This series of articles, Vintage Makeup for Darker Skin Tones, blossomed from a blog reader request I received last year. It came from a vintage lover who was having a lot of trouble finding vintage and historic printed material with makeup colors and advice for her dark skin tone.

I have written these articles with different intentions. The first is to provide historic information and advice about the makeup experience for women with darker skin tones in the 1920s-1960s. The second is to create an inclusive environment that shows that vintage, pin-up, and burlesque culture is for everyone and everyone is a part of the history of beautification.

My intentions are not to start a heavy conversation on our differences and how those differences were portrayed in early published documents and mid-century media. That conversation just separates us more and that is not what these articles are here for. There are other places for that conversation. For that reason, please be aware that I have photo-shopped words out here and there that are unnecessary for our time now and the purposes of these posts.

The Bobby Pin Blog is a place for you ladies. I want all women who read this blog to feel like they can acquire the vintage beauty we all admire so much. So please enjoy and learn and feel free to leave comments or email me with your thoughts on this subject or anything else here on the Bobby Pin Blog.

XO…Vintage Hairstyling Lauren

Read the blog series Vintage Makeup for Darker Skin Tones

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  1. Thank you So much for taking the time to put such a wonderful series of articles on vintage makeup for darker skin tones! It’s very well done and much appreciated!

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