Vintage Victory Roll Tool!

The Roll & Go Hair Tool ® is a double-sided round comb and can be used to create a number of hairstyles! See video of how the tool works on our YouTube Channel!

To place your order and see more about the Roll & Go Hair Tool, just follow this link! If you would like to find a retailer in your country, I am working on compiling a list here.

The teeth of the comb measure 7 centimeters long. The diameter across of the larger end of the tool is 3 centimeters for larger rolls. The diameter across of the smaller end of the tool is 2 centimeters for smaller rolls.

The Roll & Go Hair Tool ® makes wrapping hair into uniform, round shapes like Victory rolls a snap! You can also use it to make large pin curls, cool round shapes for contemporary styles, and much more! Patent Pending.

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  1. Great idea! I bought one of these, and I had no idea what to do with it…it was one of those impulse purchases. Anyways, now I’ll have a reason to go and dig it out of its drawer. 🙂

  2. how funny – i saw those on a sallys mission once and thought hmmm, i wonder if that would help with rolls. now i know – and i know i’ll be going to get one!!

  3. Oh wow! I’m definitely going to pick one up. And I too, would really like to see how to start the roll with one of these brushes. It also looks like you can pin the roll without having to remove the brush, am I wrong?

  4. OK I have seen those things and wondered what the heck it was for! HAHA! 19 years of doing hair you never stop learning! I am definitly going to pick one of those up and give it a run. LOVE the blog!

  5. haha i almost bought one of these a couple yrs ago at sallys! but i didnt since my hair is already curly. now i should get it for my vic rolls! thanks!

  6. Aveda made these for a while and they were used to style naturally curly hair. You are supposed to place it at the roots, twist a little and blow dry to get some a lift. There were a few other options too. I look forward to trying it in a new way!

  7. I bought one of these a few years ago at Aveda (like another poster commented) and have been tinkering around with them lately for pin curls but they seem too big. GREAT suggestion for victory rolls! I think this is going to save me a lot of time 🙂

  8. I use this tool EVERY day! It makes perfect victory rolls and pin curls! Just put a piece of hair through the teeth, pull the comb down to the end, and start rolling toward your scalp. You can easily slide your rolled hair off of the teeth and pin it. Don’t worry about fish hook ends, once you pull the roll off of the tool, the very tips will adjust to the shape of the curl around it (as long as you make sure to pull the comb as far down to the tip of the strand as you can). This is the single most important tool in my bag!

  9. Bummer, I have looked everywhere for this tool and can’t find it. My victory rolls are okay, but I think they would look better with this tool. If anyone has a tip on where to find it these days, let me know… Thanks!

  10. I need these in my life! Has anybody had any luck finding them? what are they called? who makes them? please and thank you!

  11. I have had a bit of success making something similar with a 3d printer. If I get more made, are there people out there who would want to purchase them from Etsy?

    1. Yes, I would definitely purchase one (or several) of these! Mine is several years old and has been losing prongs. I just went to Sally Beauty Supply and found that they’re no longer made.

      It seems as though it could also be made with dowels… just an idea. Please let me know when you’ve got them ready.


  12. Have you found any kind of tool, similar to the item pictured above?, I haven’t had any luck finding a tool like the one above.

    1. Hi Connie. I am actually working on a possible replacement. If you haven’t yet, sign up for the newsletter at and you will get updates. Thanx for commenting!

  13. I would surely love to find one of these little curling tools. My mother has one and it is great! Please let me know if and where I can buy one.

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