The Hairstylist Uniform of the 1950s and My Vintage Beauty Smock


Something you don’t see too often anymore…hairstylists wearing uniforms. You see it at beauty schools since they wear matching school smocks, but I would love to see a salon bring back the matching smocks. These smocks are from a 1959 salon magazine. If you know about a vintage salon that does this, please tell me about them!


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I picked this smock up from Boss Unlimited Vintage here in Denver. I should say I more swooped it out from under them. I was in their warehouse one day visiting where they have 10x more clothes than what is in their store and I saw this on a rack. I started drooling and begged and pleaded to get it. Their price tag on it said $7, but I would have paid $50. They are friends and gave in. Yay for me!!!

The poodle details are my favorite. It doesn’t fit me unfortunately, but I have often contemplated, since I am a serial entrepreneur, taking it apart (only temporarily!) to use the pieces to design a vintage smock to sell on Etsy. I am a bit of a sewer and I think it would be soooo cute. Any ladies, if you are beauticians and would buy something like that, let me know! Comment here if you’d be interested in a vintage inspired beauty smock.

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  1. i love how the advertisements were always so upbeat and happy. and did i mention that the untiforms are to die for?

  2. I’m a makeup artist and I would LOVE something cute like this to wear when I do weddings. The color is adorable but probably not practical for makeup/hair coloring. Maybe in navy with white embroidery?

  3. Hello I’ve been regular reader of your blog and thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you for the great work! I admire your appreciation for the new and old and think you have a great eye at blending the two harmoniously. I hate to be presumptuous, but I’ve started a new line of vintage inspired hand painted blouses and thought just maybe you would appreciate my efforts….maybe? Here is a link to my store, hope ya dig it

  4. I would absolutely buy it!!! I attend Paul Mitchell the school, so it would have to be black. Black with pink poodles. I can’t think of anything more suiting!

  5. Reminds me of the uniforms we had to wear to beauty school back in the mid-70’s. Some shops were just starting to use black jackets instead and we all thought that was really cool. Seems kind of odd now.

  6. Lauren, these are absoluteky stunning! I am currently in beauty school, but I have often imagined myself wearing a uniform like this once I am licensed and working full time in a salon. I did manage to find a similar looking vintage nurse button up at the salvation army for $2.00, but I would definetly buy a vintage inspired one from your shop. I’ll be on the lookout, thanks!

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