A midcentury tiki party plan, a vintage blue eyeshadow cream stick, and a powder pink floor sweeper…My schizophrenic celebration of the Fuller Brush Company

I know the title of this blogpost doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason, but in a couple minutes you will see how a midcentury tiki intimate party plan, a vintage blue eyeshadow cream stick, and a powder pink floor sweeper are all tied together.

Stick around for this. It’s full of joy and a gift at the end.

They all come together thanks to the Fuller Brush Company. Established in 1906, Fuller use to produce a promotional-magazine-and-product-catalogue-in-one called, “The Fuller Brush Magazine”.

Fuller Brush Magazine Catalogue Covers

I found these gems searching Ebay for vintage hair and makeup publications, because Fuller Brush Co, along with hair brushes and cleaning brushes and cleaning products, also produced several lines of cosmetics and personal care products like lipstick, face powder, lotions, perfumes, soaps, talc, and the list goes on and on.

The magazines were part of the classic door-to-door salesman business model of the 20th century. Your Fuller Brush salesman would leave the catalogue with you after showing you the fine product samples and return the next day to take your order once you had a chance to go through the catalogue.

Fuller Brush Salesman with customers

These Fuller Brush Magazines display, in beautiful full color images, all of these lovely products in their most amazing midcentury package design glory. AND…they are each themed to a specific subject and devote half the pages of the magazine to these wonderful, in-depth articles about whatever the subject matter of the moment was.

vintage blue hedge cosmetics bottles from Fuller Brush catalogue
Today we are going to celebrate…literally…with

The Fuller Brush Magazine presents

“Party Time”

Fuller Brush Magazine catalogue cover vintage woman in yellow shirt and young girl in blue dress

Midcentury Tiki Intimate Party Planning…

1960s woman and children at vintage tiki luau party

At the end of this blog post, I am sharing a pdf of the full “Party Time” magazine, so stick around!

The midcentury loved their theme parties as much as we do today. And, as we hunker at home, our social fulfillment is changing to a more intimate party experience at home as opposed to our favorite local tiki bars.

The Fuller Brush Magazine has got you covered! With this series of party theme directions by nationally known home entertaining and party decorating expert Ruth Brent, you too can have a midcentury luau with the people you love and trust. You can still find Brent’s party planning books on websites like Abe Books.

1960s article snapshot about entertaining expert Ruth Brent

This excellent magazine (pdf download at the end of the blog post) provides you with a luau menu, including a recipe for Aloha Ambrosia Flambe’ Dessert. Also a pattern for these super midcentury fish cutouts and a Bird of Paradise centerpiece made out of a pineapple.

vintage tiki luau party food

Vintage Blue Cream Eyeshadow Stick

And to the part of this catalogue that is nearest and dearest to my heart… a vintage blue cream eyeshadow stick

Some of the best package and product design in history happened in the 1950s and 1960s. America was prosperous and packaging design reflected joy and color.

vintage cosmetic makeup containers House of Fuller company

In this one of many images from the catalogue featuring House of Fuller beauty and personal care cosmetics, you can see such stunning examples of midcentury design.

Not to mention the product names! Set for Sure Hairspray, Rich-Puff Hand Cream, and Lanolated Hair Dressing.

And of course the great examples of the makeup colors popular at the time. The copy in the catalogue reads “eight radiant shades…ranging pinks to reds” about the lipsticks. And about the eyeshadow cream stick…”To dramatize one’s makeup. Fine textured cream…In three shades, blue, green or turquoise.”

The Fuller Brush Company Today

Fuller Brush Co. is still going strong with cleaning and disinfecting products and cleaning brushes, which we all need more of now in a new age of Covid-19.

Fuller Brush Company headquarters

My audience knows I am always pushing to support small, local based businesses. The company is currently headquartered in Kansas where they still make all of their products there today!

I’m obsessed with this pink carpet and floor sweeper

Fuller Brush Company pink floor sweeper

and they have the sweeper in mint too!

Fuller Brush Company mint floor sweeper

Here is a wonderful page on their website about their history, including the fun fact that our favorite Lucille Ball starred in a movie in 1950s titled “The Fuller Brush Girl”!

The Fuller Brush Girl movie poster starring Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert

And as promised, follow this link to a download of

The Fuller Brush Magazine presents “Party Time”

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  1. Thank you for this! Not only do I LOVE vintage magazines (even digital copies), but I also love finding American companies to get my mid-century housekeeping things from. I’m so glad to hear that Fuller is still based in the US. I will now be collecting Fuller tools, as well as Fiestaware!

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