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1960s Style Icon: Hayley Mills

I have been doing research for a project that brought me across Hayley Mills recently and I had forgotten what a vintage hair icon she is. She had some very simple haircuts that always made her look like the cutest little 1960s pixie. I love

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Pondering how we glamorize the past

As a teenager in the 1990s, I questioned some of the hairstyles from the 1960s and thought the look of the 1930s was very glamorous. Do you suppose the teenager of the 1950s questioned the look of the 1920s, but coveted the glamour of the

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Victory Hair Pins and WWII Metal Rationing

Metal Rationing and The Beauty Salon Production for everything your beauty salon used from hood hairdryers to hair pins to lipstick canisters slowed due to metal rationing during WWII. People at home were asked to donate any scrap metal they had and also do their

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9 Vintage Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

9 Vintage Beauty New Year’s Resolutions New Year’s Resolutions are our opportunity to commit to making our lives better in some way, help us feel better about ourselves. Quitting smoking, exercising more or organizing your life are all opportunities to make a new good habit

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A Victorian Look for your Vintage Halloween

A Victorian Look for your Vintage Halloween Costume If you aren’t totally broke this Halloween, here are a couple ideas using an inexpensive thrift store wedding dress! With a little imagination and some layering with some other clothes, you can make a $50 ugly 80s

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Perfect Pin Curls without the Fuss

In an effort to provide more help and options for vintage hair, I have started looking into adding some of my favorite tools to the The first product is the Sculpture Pin Curl Tool. If you ladies haven’t seen this yet and you have

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1940s rope braid tutorial

1940s Rope Hair Braid Tutorial…

1940s Easy Rope Braid Hair Tutorial …Always learning I have been a little absent lately from posts. The summer was super busy, so not much time for other blog posts. But I have a whole new mess of stuff to share with everyone after my

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Welcome to the Bobby Pin Blog! I am Lauren Rennells and as a hairstylist, makeup artist, writer, and generally artistic over-achiever, the Bobby Pin Blog is my outlet for thoughts and research about vintage hair and makeup trends and how to recreate them today. Thank you for stopping by!

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